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just a block from the church where the funeral for shooting victim ashley mccrea was letting out. pat colins is live on the scene for us. >> reporter: this is what u streetlooks like right now. it's shut down from ninth street allhe way to 14th street as police investigate this murder, this shting that happened here this afternoon. gun violence in broad daylight, in the middle of one of our city's most popular streets. one dead, one wounded a car overturned. suspects on the run. five blocks of u street closed wn as policenvestigate and look for clues. now this happened nearby the walker memorial baptist church as the funeral for ashley crea was coming to an end. hearow from police chief
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cathcatkathy lanier. >> there was a funeral in the 1300 block of u street that had just concluded. people were leaving from the funeral lining up for a processi procession. as that procession was lining up and about to leave the funeral area. there are some attende who walked down the street t get into their car, suspects approached the car and opened fire on the individuals in that car. >> with me now is brian weaver an anc commissioner. he was here having lunch when it all happened. brian, tell me what you saw, and tell me what you did. >> i happened to be having lunch over on 12thstreet. we heard about ten gunshots fired. a car claim blazing in front of the restaurant. we saw one vehicle in front of another. we ran down to the scenes to see
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if people were all right. police were immediately on the scene there, and inside the vehicle appeared to be one zeised and two other people who fled away from the scene. >> we've been told by police they believe this is gang related that at the funeral for ashley mccrea today, there were a number of members from a number of different gangs, and some words exchanged. know you're from the adams area you're familiar with that area. >> immediately afterwards, kids who had attended the funeral started calling me, kids from adams morgan who i now immediately said there were more bullets being stranged between the columbia heights clue and morgan heights crew. one group followed the other to a car. >> what do you make of this? >> in 15 years of working with this community it's at least ten murders i've gone through. this summer alone, we've had two
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homicides, three kids from the community have been arrested for murr. it's a pattern of violence that's gone on in the city for far too long. >> assistant police chief pete newsom is going to have a meeting here. we'll get to it in a cond. chief newsom, are you going to brief us? >> no, the commander is. >> okay, commander jacob kishner is coming up. he's going to give us a briefing on the latest here at the shooting scene on u street. commander? what's the latest? >> the latest update we have, we're looking for help in this case, we ha information that a light color older model, possibly crown vic was involved in a shooting. and anyone with information can
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context us 50411. two telephone numbers 1-888-919-2746 and also, 202-727-9099. and once again, anyone with information in reference to that vehicle please contact us. >> the people this vehicle are expected to be very dangerous, is that correct? >> if they see the vehicle, please contact 911, do not approach the vehicle, and let us know what the location,and who's in the vehicle. >> you had one suspec in custody? >> the vehicle is a lighte model vehicle, possibly crown vic older model, that car was seen fleeing from the scene. >> we don't know if it's directly related, but it was seen leaving. >> do you have anybody in custody? >> we have no one in custody. >> the people were loaded up into an ambulance, they were
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injured in the shooting? >> yes. >> can you tell us a little more about how it began and how it unfolded? >> we had a funeral occurring on the 1300 block of u street, the funeral let out. right after the funeral let out, there were sounds of gunshots, police officers that were in the block came on the radio and said shots been fired, and this gold hicle was seen leaving the scene, the lighter model, older vehicle was seen leaving the scene, and this vehicle ultimately wrecked here when the officers walked upon us. >> were there police officers at that funeral? >> did the shooting stem from the funeral or do you believe it' related in some way? >> no, we don't have information on that. >> were there police officers at the funeral? >> there were police officers at the funeral. >> this time we're looking for anybody who has information who mahave been involved. >> the shooter and victims were all at the same place, at the funeral? >> the shooters and the victims? that's something we're investigating right now. >> we're going to pull away from
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this for a minute. can i help you with a coup things, the funeral today was for ashley mccrea. she was shot and killed september 18th in the 2000 bck of bruce place and southeast. h murder was not gang related. they described it pretty much as a domestic argument, there was an arrest made last friday, damon samms 21 years old, an acquaintance with ashley mccrea was picked up and charged with that. there were a number of gangs that attended her funeral. they were taunting each other back and forth, that led to the shooting, the bloodshed here on u street. we have one person dead, another wounded opinion suspects on the loose. police looking for a light colored vehicle. i'll be back at 5:00 with more. >> as we mentioned, that's such a busyarea outside of rush hour, but rushhour's about to get underway.
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how many blocks are we talking about that are blocked off right now? and do we know when they mht be open? >> i don't know whenhey're going to be open, because they just called for some mobil crime help to processhis scene. but ninth street closed off all the way down, almost as far as i can see which i think is 14th street down there. we're talking at least five blocks that have been closed off now for hours. they may open some of the street up, because this was a running and car chase situation. there is evidence they believe that might be strewn all up and down u street and they're searching for that now. >> pat collins all over the story for us, we'll be checking back with you at 5:00. thank u, pa former president jimmy carter is expecd to be fine after being rushed to an ohio hospital today. he got an upset stomach on a plane while headed to a book signing in cleveland. at first it appeared he would be
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discharged almost immediately. now hospital officials say his release is not minent. jimmy carter is 85 years old. we started with rain, turned out to be a pretty nice day. get ready, folks, we are about to have washout. veronica johnson joins us now from the storm center. veronica? >> that's right. more tropical raines will be returning to the ar, but today breezy northwesterly winds, we have been drying out after a little bit of excitement this morning. take a look a our partly sunny skies right now. take a look out over the area. this morning that low pressure system watches there in west virginia. that's the upper level low pressure system making its way northward very quickly. a few tornado warnings this morning of washington county, allegheny county and maryland. it's ju left with a few clouds right now. rain returns to the area, probably starting wednesday night. 78 degrees right now in sterling, 82 degrees right now in the district.
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georgetown and folks in largo right now at 81 degrees. you dropped one degree. montgomery county right now 81. we'll see clouds leave the area, 68 degrees, but 11: p.m. we're talking about some more tropical rains getting up into our area. that will come from this system right here, which cou be tropical storm nicole, that will be bringing a lost rain tthe area. for the overnight, the evening, our winds diminish, more of those tropical rains comehis way, we'll talk about the amounts expected for the area, 2 to 3 inchesn top of what we've gotten, and it will be a lot more down south too. all that and more coming newspaper a few. a man in charles unty, mashld was r maryland, was rescued from a deep well at a sewage treatment plant. the man worked at the plant and was doing his job when he fll down the 30 foot well and got stuck.
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he remained conscious and alert the entire time while crews worked toull him out. it took a little more than an our for the rescue team to free him. he's recovering at a nearby hospital. a harrowing morningt the university of texas. schoolfficials have issued the all clear now after a gunman who opened fire on campus killed himself. this happened at the library of ut's austin campus. a mantarted firing an automatic weapon on the library's sixth floorefore taking his own life. police believe the gunman acted alone. here in our area, a high school community is mourning the loss of a popular football player who died after friday night's game. 17-year-old forrest peterson crashed his car on brooke road here in stafford. he died saturday morning from his injuries. peterson was a center on the varsity football team at brooke
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point high school. he was an organ donor and three other people will get life saving transplants. a howard county couple is suing their landlord over a bed bug infestation. the browns say they were told bed bugs had been found in a neighbor's apartment and their apartment would be treated as a precaution, but the treatment never happened. according to the lawsuit, the couple and their 3-year-old daughter suffered red ity welts from bed bug bites as well as emotional trauma. they eventually threw away mo of their possessions and moved in with relatives. many believe adrian fenty lost the election earlier this month and said, politicians have
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to be willing to take a ris zblk the goalf politicians is to get re-elected. and too often that goal surpasses everything else. you really want to do education reform right now, in this country, you are going to have to take some political hits. otherwise we're just going to see what's happened over the past 30, 40 years. we know what needs to be done. >> permission to -- >> when asked about his plans after he leaves office, mayor fenty predicted he and mielle reid will likely stay involved in educatn reform, and involved they will be agitators from the outside as they've been from the inside. well, one in four children deals with bullies in school on a regular basis. bullying also takes a toll on academics, nearly 8% of students miss one day of classvery month out of fear. >> at one school, teachers have
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said enough is enough ough. kelly wallace reports on how they're stopping bullying before it starts. >> i have 36 of you here today tling me you would like to help the mission our school. >> these sixth graders are vying for highly soughtafter jobs at the long island elementary scol. the chance to become caring majority ambassadors who spread the word that caring is cool and bullying is not. >> i'm trying to get the kids to understand that something must be done and should never be ignored. >> they'll just get picked on again and again. >> the school focuses on the bully, but it also focuses on the other kids, the ones who may be witnessing the bullying in the first place. >> your face makes me upset. >> if you see bullying, the message is don't be a by stander be an upstander.
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>> we coined this term upstander, don't just let things happen. you need to stand up for what's right, fair and just. >> the program, the brainchild has been so successful, it's been implemented i all the other elementary schools in long island. >> we have quantitativ data that shows the number of suensions in a middle school has gone down dramatically. >> the seventh graders show the other students what to do when they see a bully in action. >> that's not cool. >> just standing there and watching doesn't make anything better. >> that was kelly wallace reporting. tonight at 5:00, we're talking to tom brokaw live about our education series. what he has to say about michelle reid's reforms. and a multimillion dollar donation by bill gates to improve the classroom. new concerns about the safety of segues, emergency
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ros are seeing a spike in injuries. ps help wanted, tens of thousands of new jobs are available as the holiday season approaches. the irs goes green. they're changing how you get your tax paperwork this tax season.
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new questions are being raised about the safety of those
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segue personal transporter. jim maceda reports. >> reporter: a relaxed sunday ride along the cliffs of this west yorkshire property turned lethal when jim hazleton plunged 30 feet into the river below. police found his segue scooter in the river near his body. he bought the new hampshire-based company only a few months ago. friends remembered him as a kind, giving man. >> he did good things with his money. >> this raises more questions about the high-tech scooter that first appeared in the parks and bike lanes of america a decade ago. speeds up to four times faster than walking, segues were haled as the future of human transportation. but the ride has been anything butsmooth. four-year study of segwusegue'
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safety proves that concussions are on the rise. they have helped the disabled and wounded veterans have regained eir mobility. >> mr. hazleton if he were alive, would have wanted them to get back to work, serving the ns of thousands of segue users who safely use the vehicle every day. jim maceda nbc news reporting from london. now back to you. tis the season for hiring, toys "r" us says it will hire about 45,000 employees nationwide to help with the holiday shopping season. that's more than in previous years. the company is looking for people to fill managerial positions as well as cashiers and stock workers. some seasonal workers might be offered permanent posts after the holidays. other retailers are also preparing for the shopping rush. best buy will hire roughly 29,000 employees. macy's 69,000 workers.
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this is welcome news with unemployment levels hovering arou 10% acrosshe country. coming up on news 4, severe weather sweeping through virginia. investigators are looking at whether a tornado actually touched down. the ipod play list that the president uses to take a break.
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new video shows the damage after a ssible tornado touched down in virginia. the suspected tornado tore through this house last night. the man was sitting inside the home at the time, but managed to make it out unharmed. last night's storm damage is believed to be confined to this one area. we got a lot of rain last night too, butjust rain. >> there were a few pockets. we've seen the gusts come up today, they've been slowly diminishing throughout the afternoon. we are about 48 hours from seeing more rain move into the area. that's what we have to talk about, more tropical moisture down through the south. in fact, i think that the next system would be namednicole, could be a very strong tropical storm, maybe a weak hurricane. there's an outside chance of that.
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but it will be fast mover for us. let's talk about the details right now, we have partly sunny excise across the area 82 degrees right now, today is our warmest day out of the workweek. i've seen higher gusts throughout the day today. some cloud cover around the area, temperature tomorrow morning, about 61 degrees, you can see the radar is quiet across the area. look at those rainfall amounts, pretty high. just to the north and west. look salisbury, three inches of rain, good news,the areas that needed it did get some rain. one two to here in record rainfa for wilmington, north carolina. they had over 10 inches of rain yesterday. eastern areas of south carolina, and that's where i think some of the heaviest rain will be with this next storm system comes up. as much as 6 to 8 inch there's, here we could get another 2 to 3 and we too could have windy
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conditions as much as 40 to maybe 45 mile per hour winds. possibly tropical storm nicole makes its way up to th north let's talk about that track, because tropical storm warnings are up for areas around the florida keys. right around the midd wednesy, makes its w to the south and east of southern florida. as you can see when it comes up the coast, sometime thursday swipinthe outer nks of north carolina. again, that's where the highest wind and heaviest rains will be. here's the next48 hours with this system. want to show you the moisture moving on through. heaviest rains for us, where we could see two to three inches. that's throughout the day on thursday. it's a nice eveng for us, 7 to 74 degrees for your morning. a dry start, 54 to 61. and then, yes, you're going to need your umbrellas again. 70 to 74, hold on to that umbrella, because it's wind and rain for thursday. the high 79. tropical humidity returning.
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it'soing to be a bit warm too on thursday. about 79 to 80. we're going to have another one of those days comingour way. >> very tropical ou there today, doesn't it? >> thanks a lot. still to come on news 4 at 4:00, me and more states are adopting laws banning texting behind the wheels, but are those rules doing more harm than good? an iconic nashville site back in business after devastating floods ravaged th
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. mile cde do.
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investmes in our classrooms... doubd the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say weow have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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welcome back. i'm barbara harrison. >> and i'm jim handly. rht now in the news, u street between 9th and 14th street is shut down after one person was shot and killed another wounded. lice tell us the victims had just left the funeral for shooting victim ashley mcrae at a church near 13th and u. police are looking for a white crown victoria that was seen speed ago way from the scene. former president jimmy carter may get out of a hospital in cleveland any time now. he got a stomachache on a plane as he was headed for a book signing in ohio. nowhe 85-year-old former president is feeling much
4:30 pm
better. if all goes well, he will resume his book signing tour later this week. a man is recovering after he fell down a 30-foot well. it happened this morning at a sewage treatment plant in waldorf. it took crews a little over an hour to free him. he's said to be doing well now. a howard county couple is suing their landlord for $500,000. they claim he failed to treat their apartment for bed bugs despite repeated reques. the family finally threw away most of their belongings and moved out. 30 states and the district now ban texting while driving. now a study by the insurance institute for highway safety says startling findings are coming out. according to the study, banning texting ile driving may not makeravel any safer. the study is stirring controversy. kristen dahlgren is in washingt with the latest.
4:31 pm
>> at a time when there's so ch talk about 9 dangers of texting -- >> i barely look at the road at all. >> a new report for the highway loss data institute shows states that ban texting and driving may not be any safer. in three out of four states, the ban had the opposite effect. >> when we compare what's going on in the four study states that ban texting to their surrounding neighbor states, we do see collision claim frequencies going up after the ban. >> clearly not what the laws were intended to do. so what's going on? somethingcatching someone in the act may make it too hard to enforce. or perhaps drivers are getting dangerously good at hiding it. >> they may, in fact, be texting, which means they're putting the device lower in the cabin, which makes it even more difficult to see. >> transportation officials say that report is flawed. pointing out the bans are still new and require solid laws, good advertising, and police enforcement to build success.
4:32 pm
>> the institute study didn't take that into account. they pick states that don't have those elements, you can't really say whether the laws are effective or not until you have those pieces. >> they've had great duction in phone use with those elements in sit advertise like hartford, connecticut, and syracuse new york. >> i was trying to concentrate on two different things. >> while tests like this leave little doubt for anyone that texting can prove deadly. it's not the dangers of texting and driving that are in dispute, just what to do about it. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, washington. starting this friday it will be illegal to talk on your phone while driving in maryland. coming up at 5:00 tonight, chris gordon has a live report on why some say the ban is the wrong way to fight distracted driving. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a three alarm fire that killed several cows. that fire broke out last night at the livestock exchange in
4:33 pm
marshall. fire officials say between 200 and 250 cattle were inside the barn at the time. crews were able to free most o them, but five were killed. the facility itself was not significantly damaged but the holding area was destroyed. for now, farmers will need to finded a new location to ehange their cattle. the rush hour is gearing up, let's get the word on the ride home. ashley? >> hey, ashley. >> hey, guys. goodafternoon, let's jump right in. here's the capitol beltway inner loop. you'll find it very heavy leaving tyson. and then continuing to bethesda and silver spring. this is what you're going to deal with on your approach toward georgia. this is the pace at connecticut avenue. byhe time you meet up with the college park ara, the pace improved. the our loop of the beltway, you travel along 270. here's the pace at falls road. nobig prlems in the
4:34 pm
northbound direction. continuing past germantown, all clear. clear past the frederick area. not too bad to start you off out of e springfield interchange. we do have a lot of delays headed down toward the hov merge, the delays will take you in toward quantico. back to youguys. >> thanks, ashley. there's more to come on news 4 at 4:00. questions onow a bullfight was run. lindsay's latest photo shoot is raising some eyebrows. danella's here to dish the dirt
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it's the end of an era, don't look for paper tax forms and instructions in your mailbox next year. the irs has decided to stop mailing them because so many people now file eleronically. the move is expected to save abou$10 million a year. people who still want paper forms will have to call the irs to request the they're also available at irs offices andon their website. some libraries and post offices also have the paper forms. the divide between the rich and poor in our country is wired than ever. according to new census figures, americans who earn six figures or higher are taking in about half of the nation's income wle people living below the poverty line are taking in only about 3.4% of the income. that's the largest gap on record.
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when news 4 at 4:00 continues, new information in the debate about whether or not to breast-feed. and a star-studded grand reopening of one of nashville's mainstays. [ male announcer ] you can't un-smoke a cigarette. and you can't go back and un-do the times you tried quitting...
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there's more evidence to
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promote the use of breast-feeding. those who only had breast milk and no formula were more likely to avoid common childhood infections like ear, respiratory and stomach problems. the results were not the same for babies who were partially breast-fed. older women who want to avoid hip problems should get up and get moving. that'swhat a new study is suggesting. elderly women who did balance and strength exercises for their legs were lessikely to fall and break a bone. they were also less likely to die prematurely. and these women didn't have to spend hours at the gym either. most of the exercise used in the study were done right at home. there's a whole lot of excitement happening in nashville tonight. the grand ole opry is coming home. the opera house has been closed for nearly five months now to repair the damage caused by those devastating floods in may. the concert hall was under four feeof water.
4:42 pm
tonight the building reopens with a new stage and a special two-hour concert by some of country music's biggest stars. >> there was never a question but tha this place would arise and rebuild andome back stronger than ever. >> despite being displaced for all this time, the grandle opry never missed a show. they broadcasted from different venues while repairs were underway. we've been talking about this crazy weather we're having out there, feeling more like florida and texas than washington. >> you're saying this time tomorrow, we could be under a flood watch? >> i do tink so. the bulk of the rain really coming into the area, guys, on thursday. but some very heavy rain on top of what w just picked up, so a very saturated ground. that's why i think we will see spots with flooding throughout the area on thursday. the rain does start late tomorrow really getting things going
4:43 pm
around here with a lot of wind on thursday. a look outside, can you see we've g just a few clouds left around the area. our temperatures right now throughout the air, in clinton, you folks are at 81 degrees right now, clinton and district heights, hyattville too. falls church, you're at 78 degrees. south, 80 degrees right now you folks in colesville, you're also at 81 degrees right now. so a few clouds throughout the overnight period. we'll be looking at anywhere between a mostly clear and partly cloudy start for the day tomorrow. we're going to start to pick up more clouds as the day unfolds tomorrow, so here's a lookt the east satellite and radar over the last couple hours. that spin, that's the one system heading out. that's now up around northwestern pennsylvania. can you see some rain across southern florida. that's associated with the tail end of the front. it's the new moisture that's going to be cing in, that's really going to be causing trouble along a large part of
4:44 pm
the east coast from florida, especially through the care line in as and then up through areas around virginia and perhaps even areas around eastern new england. 6 to 8 inches, expected eastern north carolina. of course, wilmington just got a record two inches of rainfall. we could easily see winds around 40 miles an hour. 73 tomorrow, rain develops and moves on in. could have a little bit of thuner. thunderstorms coming our way on thursday. maybe even severe weather. it's wind and rain for thursday, that's what you should watch out for. by the end othe week, we'll be drying out and getting sunshine in here. and we'll see temperatures in the 60s and very cool nights coming our way. coming up on news4, our report on synthetic marijuana, the store manager wasn'tappy to see us coming. and wt do you suppose the
4:45 pm
president jamming to these days? danella is here in the studio to dish the dirt next. coming upt 5:00, a local high school football player is killed moments after he steps off the field. maryland cell phone ban takes effect on friday. some worry this new law could make the problem worse. what makes a good teacher. bill gates is hoping his millions will answer that question. think about the internet. growin evolving, literally transforming our lives. now imagine the possibilities of what tomorrow could bring. at at&t, we support a core set of standards that will guide the internet into the future... to protect users, and ward innovators, for years to come. we support a fair and open
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internet - affordable and accessible to everyone. transparent networks, managed in ways that are clear all users. we support the fcc's plan to bring high-sed internet to everyone in america by 2020. and we are committed to keeping the internet working, as the economic engine working together, insting, keeping information and ideas flowing freely, we can ensure that the internet will continue to grow and influence the future... in ways we can only imagine. because the future has always been our business. at&t.
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the music on the president's ipod. rutgers tried to teach new jersey manners. and lindsay lohan is back. she tried t sell some pictures that she was wearing when they took it, her ankle bracelet. the court ordered one. danella joins us to dish the dirt on the entertainment world. lohan is a regular on our segment, rit? >> she's under contract. let's start with the esident. what's on his ipod, we were talking about trying to figure it out. >> classics like stee wonder. but bob dylan and the rolling stones, that was a little
4:49 pm
surprising for me. >> all right. >> he says his aide is helping him. all of his aides are helping him, but his personal aide has helped him boost up his rap repeoire, including music from li'l wayne and nod. i'm surprised. >> interesting. >> his daughters are getting old enough, that they can share music. overall, president obama says he has 2,000 songs on his ipod. >> he's got to have will i am on there. >> i know. i can imagine him listening before he gets on the basketball court. >> we know the first lady has a veryclectic selection on her ipod too. >> the daughters will keep him cool. >> i have to know if he has justin bieber or does he draw the line there? >> where is the line drawn. >> yeah, he used that at the correspondence dinner. we know he knows who he is. new jersey is known for what? ruthless mob bosses?
4:50 pm
top reality tv stars? but rutgers university is trying to change all that, tell us what they're doing. >> they're offering a class starting tomorrow in civility. will they get credit for that? >> i know it's open to students, faculty and other employees. let's make rutgers a little nicer. they're going to cover all things, even cell phone and text courtesies, and it's going to be a series of presentations and seminars. but how crazy is it that the university kind of has to put this class together. and it's really because of the media. i lived in new jersey for years, and i never s a woman flip a table at a restaurant. that never happened. i never saw another woman get punch in the face. >> you di't hang out with the situation, though. >> the thingis, they're new yorkers, they're not even from new jersey. >> are you from new jersey? >> no, originally from here, but when i lived in new york, it was
4:51 pm
less traffic to live in new jersey. >> and you don't have to be from there to take the class? >> we have some colleges where thy ough tomake that mandatory. >> i'm bummed about lindsay lohan, what's gng on with her? besides her in jail out of jail. i'm free, i'm going to go back in. we know she's going to go to rehab any day now. she's been trying to hustle and sell her pictures of her wearing a bikini and scram bracelet that went off and that's why she's going back to jail again. i har that she needs money. i mean, she did just post $300,000 for bail this last time around, and we haven't seen her in a movie for a very long time. >> it has been a while. >> did she take pictures of herself with her iphone? >> it could have.
4:52 pm
>> it looks like someone else took them. it's almost like a little posing. she has a bathing suit and a nice bracelet with heels on. >> you buy aphoto, you help her get out of jail, right? >> don't buy the photos. >> i hear she's having a hard time selling them she wants 10,000 up front, no one has bitten yet. she goes back to court on october 22enned. we'll see how it worked out for lidsay. >> thank you. >> thank you both so much. still ahead on news 4, a bullfight gone horribly wrong. the animal loses control, now there are questions about how the event was run. synthetic marijuana is getting pularity amongyoung people. it's legal, but doctors warn it can be very dangerous and is being sold feet away from an area school.
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there are serious concerns about a bullfightingperation after three people were killed at a fight. it happened over the weekend in columbia. several people jumped into the ringith the bull. three of them died, 37 were seriously injured. all three victims had been gourd. the town's mayor blamed the deat on people having too much alcohol and the lack of security in the area. close to a local poison center have more than triple in the last month. now a new store is selling the
4:56 pm
product feet away from the university of maryland. craig melvin reports. >> the coach spoke to us just a few feet from the door of the school. a synthetic marijuana that sells for between 20 and 30 bucks a gram. we went inside to ask the clerk about the popularity. >> i will destroy you. i told you to get out. >> and we are out. >> ma'am, i wouldn't do that. ma'am -- >> the camera was fine and so were we. while no student would speak specifically on camera about using k-2, they did not see a problem with it being sold so close to campus. >> we're all out on our own being adults, if it's legal, then i don't see any problem with it. it should be just like cigarettes. >> it's probably just as bad as cigarettes, to be honest.
4:57 pm
>> not so, says a doctor with the national poison control center. >> we educate the teens better out liquor. we educate them about liquor, at least. and so when you put a store like that, there's nobody telling them what k-2 is. > reporter: pison control has gotten dozens of calls from frantic smokers complaining about the effects of k-2. the cllers are excessively agitated, paranoid. part of the problem is no one knows what's in this stuff. no one knows what chemical is sprayed on synthetic marijuana. what dr. clancy does know, is become more popular. >> in augu we had seven calls. that's just the tip of the iceberg, most of the times we don't hear about these cases. in september we had 27 calls. >> reporter: for now it's legal in all but one state. nonetheless, the college park convenience store decided to stop advertising monday nht.
4:58 pm
craig melvin, news 4. >> that store clerk called police after the altercation, officers came out to investigate and discovered the store had illegal drug paraphernalia. an officer asked the clerk to take it down, he said he would file a report with the narcotics division. >> that's news 4 at 4:00, news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. we have breaking news tonight after a battle between rival gangs end with one man dead and another wounded in a bustling part of d.c. the key players are attending a funeral in the northwest when things spiral out of control. good afternoon, i'm wendy rieger. >> investitors are searching for the suspects, here's where it all went down. the shots rang out outside a church on u street's popular
4:59 pm
corridor. pat is here to tell us how this all unfolded. >> reporter: it's rush hour, jim, and take a look at u street. blocks and blocks and blocks closed off as police continue to process this gangland case of murder. gang violence in broad daylight in the middle of one of our cities most popular streets. one dead, one wounded. a car overturned, suspects on therun. five blocks of u street closed down for hours as police investigate and look for clues. tears of mourning turn to tears of grief. you see this happenear the walker memorial baptist church as the feral for ashley mcrae was coming to an ened. >> i was standing outside and i

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